About Us

Our Mission

Referpal is a community of people who believe people should get the jobs they deserve. We provide contents and consultations to help people grow their mindsets and skills to help them get the jobs they are passionate about and to excel in whatever they choose to do. We are nonprofit, so everything we do is absolutely free.

Our Story

The vision to help people get the jobs they deserve started in 2017. A small group of fresh graduates started various services, including outsourcing and headhunter. However, it didn’t work out well since we were not able to make large impact to the people (there are more than 100 million people in Indonesia who are our target market). After years of trying out various things, we realized we wouldn’t be able to achieve our vision without free accessible content and the help of a community of believers.

Together with our community, we are trying to show people that, despite the many unfortunate events in our lives, those are just training grounds to prepare us for a brighter future, and our community is ready to support and guide them along the way.

To help people get jobs, we need Career Mentors to give people career advice. You’ll guide people the world of work-life according to your expertise, share your experience, networking, etc.

Knowledge is a power, by becoming a Career Mentor, this is the one of many others way to help them.

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Start to discover who you want to be by chasing your path early.